The tasty no-milk added hot chocolate recipe.

Hi, there!
It is getting colder day by day in Vancouver.

In this time, I would like to introduce my hot chocolate recipe which is a perfect fit on a cold weather day. It’s NOT used milk so if you don’t like milk, that’s no problem! This hot chocolate is that I also recommend you who use milk for hot chocolate usually. It’ll be able to feel cacao originally flavor.
Anyways, Let’s make it!

Cooking ingredients

  • Pure cacao powder (No sugar, no milk added) / 1~1.5 spoonful.
  • Honey (If you don’t have, you can use sugar instead.) / Your want amount.
  • Butter (Unsalted recommend) / 5~10g
  • Water / 2 spoonfuls and a cup of.


For one person’s portion.

1. Put cacao into the cup.
Don’t put too much cacao into the cup!
It’ll be mass and remaining when you make a paste.

2. Put honey into the cup.

3. Put two spoonfuls of water into the cup.

4. Stir them until they become paste.

5. Add proper amount water for your cup. (I recommend you 80% amount of cup.)

6. Stir it until the paste dissolved.

7. Put butter into the cup. (You don’t have to melt it for now.)

8. Warm 1 minute with 1000w microwave.

9. Stir it and melt butter.

10. Warm 30 seconds with 1000w microwave.

11. All done!! Have a good time!


I was feeling that it’s a little bit unsatisfied when I make hot chocolate without milk but I’m very satisfied after I make hot chocolate with this recipe.
That isn’t too much sweet and can feel good cacao’s flavor.

Give it a try!