the Angular Academy in Vancouver Report.

I participated Angular Academy which is Angular’s workshop held over two days on 13th and 14th July. I was having a little bit JS framework experience using Vue.js but I didn’t have experience with Angular and Typescript, so I started them from scratch.

What is the Angular Academy

Angular Academy, which is held over 2 days in major cities of Canada, London and Boston, is a hands-on workshop. It seems that Mr. Laurent Duveau who is an organizer hold Angular Academy mainly east coast because he is from Montreal. Angular Academy will be held in September again. As the content, Angular Academy has extensive contents and it was started from Typescript, making a development environment using angular-cli and a practical part using RxJS.
Would be too much to go in depth with all the contents, so I’ll summarize.


Angular is very popular Javascript framework which doesn’t need introductions.
I leave out to talk about its detail because there have been already tons of documents. These days, Angular is said that it isn’t gained momentum than before to compare with React and Vue but it’s still being required as skill requirement for a front-end developer in many cases. Angular appears that it will keep stable as one of the important skills In the future. We made simple SPA by hands-on in the workshop.


Typescript which reached the top of an AltJS’ de facto standard is made by Microsoft. Current Angular has to code by Typescript is required. Typescript also has many documents so I omit to talk about its detail. As the workshop content, it handled basic knowledge such as Types, Interface, Decorators and etc in order to use Angular.

Angular CLI

Angular CLI is command line interface to make the model automatically. It’s that there are 2 name plugins which are @angular/cli and angular-cli but current Angular 4 using @angular/cli so be careful when you install using npm. angular-cli is for Angular 2. Angular CLI is improved in conjunction with Angular so we should adopt it proactively.


Rx (Reactive Extensions) is a library to enable FRP(Functional Reactive Programming) and its main goal is to able to code asynchronous functions simple and readable. This is also developed by Microsoft originally for .NET. Now it’s developed to such as Java, Python, Ruby and etc not only to Javascript as well. But it’s a little bit difficult to understand because it’s more outstanding architecture than async functions before now. In fact, it was most difficult part of this workshop for me who didn’t have Rx experience. (It might be because I don’t understand English well.)

Photo by Mr. Laurent Duveau.


As above, this workshop had very extensive contents and I had a great time. Mr. Laurent Duveau answered questions neatly each time for us when we ask a question to him and he helped us when we got a stack. I was able to learn basic part of Angular. Many participants were .NET developer surprisingly and a front-end developer which is Angular’s main field seemed it was only me. From now on, I reckon I would like to make Angular, one of my weapons.