“Anonymous Front-end Developer in Vancouver” is a blog which is being run by Masa who is working as a front-end developer in Vancouver at west coast Canada.

The reason why I named such a blog title because is I’m still an unknown developer as its name suggest. I might be thinking that I’ll get fame or not. lol

I’m posting articles such as web development, studying and studied,  a joined event, daily life and etc as my whim takes one at will.

Here is my SNS. ( or top right of this site.)

I’m often posting very trivial things.

About Me

My name is Masa a front-end developer based in Vancouver, BC.
I was born in Saitama prefecture (that’s next to Tokyo!!) in Japan and then I moved to Tokyo. but now, I live in Vancouver Canada in order to develop and to be a world class developer.
I was graduated from IT college and am looking for a job opportunity.

I have 4 years experience in the field and I have a little bit experience as a web designer too but I’m not good at design skill and I have never learned about it. I’m thinking to want to learn design absolutely in the future, though.

I’m walking 5 years with web industry if it’s including a period of studying. But I’m thinking my skills aren’t there yet.

I’m studying Node.js, MongoDB and so on in order to be full stack Javascript developer so-called MEA(R/V)N stack developer.